American Wasteland
Creating Awareness About Food Wastage in America

Who Are We?

The impact of food waste is grave and far-reaching, but only a handful of people are aware of it. Given the fact that people in many communities barely have enough for consumption, it’s worrying. Nevertheless, we believe there’s a solution, and it starts with making people aware of the problem. Hence, the importance of this platform and the work we do.

Our primary role is to promote awareness of the food wastage problem in America. It lets people see the extent of this issue and thus, spurs them on to seek solutions. We also discuss various proposed ways to tackle it in a lasting manner based on research. That involves looking into the different stages of food production and transportation.

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Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Ordinarily, the goal should be to stop food waste completely, but that can’t happen abruptly. Therefore, it’s more realistic to create workable plans to reduce this situation until the problem is insignificant. From the causes outlined, we can derive the solutions. That means it should start by making the processing and storage procedures more efficient.

Additionally, it calls for better ordering systems from wholesalers and retailers. That would help curb the problem of purchasing more than the demand. We also can’t overemphasize the need for better customer behavior, including cooking and storage processes. Ultimately, there should be a system of either donating excess food or recycling them.

Our Statement


We aim to play our part in the reduction of food waste in America. To achieve that, we use this platform for sensitization about the issue at hand. Also, we offer education to our readers on the things they can do to help curb this occurrence. That includes posts about the causes of wastage and how to prevent it on both small and large scales.


Imagine having a nation where we use every resource effectively and without waste. That’s what our team envisions- a country that efficiently maximizes the use of its food supply. We can get to where there’s a large decrease in wastage, such that there’s little or no foodstuff lost over time. Thus, it’ll produce an essentially more stable and efficient economy, at least regarding the food industry.

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